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Apophyllite cluster #13

Apophyllite cluster #13

Scorpio Moon Gems

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Apophyllite, a phyllosilicate mineral, is typically formed in the late stages of volcanic activity or in hydrothermal environments. It originates from the interaction of hot water solutions with basaltic or other silicate-rich rocks. As magma rises towards the Earth's surface, it releases gases and fluids. These fluids, rich in silica and other elements, percolate through fractures in rocks. Apophyllite crystals then precipitate as these solutions cool and react with the surrounding minerals. The crystal's distinctive pyramid-like structure is a result of its tetragonal crystal system, characterized by a square prism with a four-sided pyramid on each face. The mineral commonly forms in association with zeolites and other secondary minerals, and its crystal formations can vary from single-pointed terminations to complex clusters, often exhibiting striking geometric patterns. The color range spans from clear to white, green, peach, or pink.

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